Commercial Radio Promotions (Upon approval):

Commercial Radio Promotions (Upon approval):


We offer radio promotion and digital plugging of your music through a database of 250,000 stations in

180 countries.


Our partners’ stations are primarily real FM radio stations. These stations have been carefully added

through years of building relationships with radio programmers. Our artists are submitted to radio for

real FM radio airplay. Radio programmers confidently rely on our promoters to send them quality music.

That means more listeners and fans for you. We offer real FM radio airplay all over the world. We workdirectly with radio stations on your behalf. Submit your mp3 now for consideration and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

 World- $5000; AU & NZ-$1500; S. America OR

UK- $1500; Asia OR Canada- $1500; Europe OR USA- $1800

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